A BIG “Thank You” to the Peppermint 9 Team

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Peppermint SevenTeam Peppermint would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the planning, development, testing, and promotion of Peppermint Nine.

This includes all the forum moderators, trusted users, beta testers, website developers, graphic artists, and ANYONE else that contributed on any level .. without whom Peppermint Nine would simply not have been possible.

A special shout out goes to:-
  • AndyInMokum
  • emegra
  • mac
  • scifidude79
  • VinDSL
  • zebedeeboss
  • 10i
  • alynur
  • cavy
  • jlschwartz
  • josephd
  • Karl Schneider
  • lswarte
  • murraymint
  • perknh
  • pin
  • Slim.Fatz
  • spence

(many apologies if we forgot anyone)

All of whom not only put in extraordinary effort in coding, testing, and debugging Peppermint 9, but had a direct impact on it’s development via suggestions for improvement, artwork, and discussions on ‘direction’. Thanks largely to their input, both technical and humorous when necessary, Peppermint 9 development was a pleasure, an honour, and an as usual an absolute blast .. THANKS Guys, Peppermint 9 wouldn’t exist without you, and you don’t always get the credit you so richly deserve.


Kindest regards,

Team Peppermint

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  1. Many thanks to you, Team Peppermint. You guys make the most practical operating system.

  2. Thanks Mark,
    Truth be told I had trouble finding flaws with the beta and only could contribute a tiny bit. You and the others really put out a fantastic product.

  3. Thank you everyone for all your efforts. Peppermint has been my default distro, as well as one of the most polished, for several years now.

  4. The ISO is not right. You pass it to a pen usb or burn it on a DVD and it does not start, will you solve it?

  5. Thank you all for this release. I am very happy, because I can do my work without having trouble with my OS.

  6. I recently found Peppermint OS… and I have to say it is great linux distro … thx a lot

  7. Just wanted to compliment yall on your hard work and fantastic release. I am quite the distro hopper and have a laptop purely dedicated to trying everything under the sun and seeing what it can and cant do. I really have to say that since I found peppermint, mainly do to English Bob’s youtube channel, I could not be more happy with this distro. Its fast, complete, beautiful, functional and rock freaking solid stable. Everything feels familiar but different, in a very good way. It has just enough flair from you as developers to make it stand out and give it those neat peppermint only features, but close enough to similar bases that I know what I’m doing right away. This has now moved to my daily laptop and I cant find a flaw or even a criticism so far. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to a truly outstanding project!

    • Mark Greaves

      Now that’s what I call a glowing endorsement, thanks very much for sharing your Peppermint experience Jaws .. the team get a real lift when they hear their efforts are appreciated.

  8. John Moxnes

    I installed the iso image on a usb pin. thats OK.
    When I use this USB to install Peppermint on a pc all goes well until I
    shall select the partition I want to install Peppermint. You can only select
    the partition on the USB.

  9. I have found Peppermint Linux since release Two.
    Since then I use Live USB Peppermint on regular basis for (considering that I’m mainly Win user):
    * I need to check if some PC’s hardware works correctly, especialy LAN, WLAN and SOUND components
    * I want to use Internet and leave no trace on PC
    * I need fast and AIO drivers ready system to boot up
    * I want to learn Linux and find out all beauties of it
    * I need to do something (anything) what I can’t do in Win
    * or simply I need clean and virus free, blazing fast envrinoment

    I have checked a tons of Linux distributions on all kind of PCs (slow, old, bad, corrupted, fast&furious) during last 10 or so years, but Peppermint is undoubtly CHOICE NUMBER 1 for me.

    You are doing excellent stuff here guys, and I wish you all the best!

    • Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much for the kind feedback ali, great to hear you’ve been enjoying Peppermint for that long :)

  10. Brand new to linux, bee a windows user all my life! grew u on windows 98. I have to say i love this OS!!
    told all my fellow IT students at uni and now 15 of us have switched to peppermint as our daily driver!!
    Well done to all the team!

    • Mark Greaves

      Great stuff Andy, thanks for the feedback, we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint and keep on spreading the Peppermint love :)

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