New user moderation delays

Our migration has concluded and we are now live on a new web host. However, we’ve hit a snag and our forum is currently unable to send emails that would normally allow new users to activate their accounts automatically.

As a result our moderators have to manually cross reference email addresses and usernames with databases such as to remove the automated bots from legitimate new account requests which has resulted in mistakes and false bans.

If you are a new user that has been banned please email me at and I’ll follow up with the our forum moderators to approve your account.

Unfortunately, forum spam is just as widely occurring as email spam and we have to be mindful of the new accounts we authorize.

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  1. Pete

    How do I instal this OS on an USB stick? wen I try it demands a lot of partitions. I nead to know
    which partition I nead to create on the USB.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Pete,
      I am pretty sure it’s possible. Take a look in the forum or ask the question there.

    2. Highlander

      Very easily. All you need is a formatted USB stick (usually formatted to FAT or vFAT). No partitioning is necessary.

      If you prefer a graphical installer, check out Unetbootin or MultibootUSB, among others.

      If you’re happy to use terminal (command line), look up ‘DD command’.

  2. soundman

    Hi all, I just installed Peppermint 11 and noticed issues with power management. I can ONLY manually suspend, AND it won’t blank, sleep or switch off the display. I am using an ASUS desktop with i5-2320 CPU Mem:11887 Swap:12299. Thanks in advance!

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Soundman, head over to the forums for support.

  3. Wayne

    Microsoft Edge Linux Debian version seems to load very slow. Is there something I can do on my end?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      It depends on too many factors. Head over to the forums and ask there or install a different browser such as Chormium or Firefox.

  4. Crimson

    Something is wrong in new peppermint11 both devuan and debian based they are stuck at 73% during installation both dual boot and primary installation

    1. grafiksinc

      If you can visit us out on matrix there has been some discussion about it we are currently working on the issue/s and will have a new ISO available.

  5. giuseppe

    Please I I have just installed Peppermint OS 10 I have installed plank and included in autostart menu but eveytime I restart my pc it not on the desktop anymoer any help please so its stays n the desktop when I restart.

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