Distrowatch Reviews Peppermint OS 10
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Distrowatch Reviews Peppermint OS 10

Distrowatch provides an in depth review of Peppermint OS 10.

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  1. Eric

    wonderful, awesome OS….. I’ve been thru a lot of distros, trying to install, test, and retest over and over again in my desktops and laptops, macbook pro is the most stubborn one. finally settled to 10 respin, 32 and 64 cpu’s. thanks a lot. waiting excitedly the 11 version.

  2. Stan

    Hey Joe Dickson! When is someone gonig to approve my request in the community forum?

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Looks like a forum admin beat me to your request. Welcome.

  3. gokul

    very good linux os i would prefer.

  4. Eneias Carneiro

    Sistema Operacional excelente, √≥timo trabalho, aguardo o 11 chegar logo…

  5. Michael

    Peppermint forever!
    Do you have a little idea a bout the peppermint 11 release ? Bravo from France ! and dont give up! Michael.

  6. OldRunner

    I’m wandering when the next distros will available

  7. Jay Soni

    I have try so many linux disro such as pop os, ubuntu, manjaro, mx linux etc but speed given by that distros was almost same like windows. I want high speed and guys if you want high speed i’m dammn sure you should switch to peppermint 10.
    Peppermint 10 is solid high speed os, after installing peppermint os my performance has improved. I can smoothly use heavy application like pycharm, Android Studio.I have i3 with 8GB RAM system when i was use windows it take 2-3 minutes to open android studio now it take around 15 seconds.
    Thank you so much Peppermint os team i always support you. and currently i’m pursuing MCA but i promise you when i get a job i will Donate to Peppermintos.

  8. Grady

    Having issues with the current .ISO file. I’ve attempted to install Peppermint OS on four different computers using for different USBs, I get the same error every time…is it possible that the current ISO posted is corrupted? I should note that I was able to install Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSuse on those other computers. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Hi Grady, Please visit our community forum for support.

  9. Grady

    I would love to join, but apparently, the forum doesn’t like my IP address and I’m banned before getting the chance to sign up.

  10. Dave

    Really impressed with Peppermint from P3 to P10. Only criticisms are the double click speed required is too brief and file manager sometimes crashes (completely disappears). Apart from those, well done guys!

    1. Joseph Dickson

      Those settings can be changed. Visit our forums and we can help you find those settings.

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