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Peppermint's memory usage after enabling icon caching.

Enable XFCE Icon Caching to Reduce RAM Usage

Thanks to dolphin_oracle for pointing out this simple task for reducing RAM usage in XFCE.

If you see a warming exclamation point to the right of an icon set in XFCE’s Appearance > Icons window here’s a an easy fix. Simply open up the terminal and run this command. This will cover all icons used in Peppermint or downloaded from a repository.

sudo update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/*

In cases like the screenshot below, an icon set is stored in the user’s directory.

$ gtk-update-icon-cache /home/USERNAME/.icons/ICON-SET-NAME/
icon cache warning
Enabling icon cache reduces RAM usage and increases system responsiveness

Log out and back in, you’ll notice a reduction in RAM and a slight improvement in menu responsiveness.

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  1. Trisq-mini-LXDE

    Far more useful to highlight memory rather than CPU in your screenshot – then all can see the heavy mem usage culprits – XFCE…! Expect less than half of RAM usage with LXDE…
    Anyone will confirm this is true.

    1. grafiksinc

      Good point but these days I think we are gearing towards medium weight… :-)

    2. puerh

      one can just install another de or wm with xfce. my xfce base mem about 380mb; tde-trinity base mem about 290mb and fluxbox base mem about 240mb. imo xfce is getting slower, more bloated especially using many panel applets.

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