Peppermint OS Release 5-22-2022

Thank you to all those folks that have helped and supported our effort to make Peppermint even better. We are happy to announce a release of a 32 bit, and refreshed 64 bit ISO’s

To get started go here

If you are already running Peppermint you DO NOT need to reinstall your system you can already apply the changes by running the patch script located at our community wiki

And a very big thank thank you to our Partner distro AçorOS for your development efforts


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  1. Kingbreaker

    32-Bit? Bless you, bless you, bless you!!!

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you we really appreciate your kind words!

  2. Guido

    Hi!. My heartfelt thanks to the entire Peppermint OS team for continuing to release isos, both 64-bit and 32-bit, and Debian-based! Enjoy this wonderful operating system. Keep up the good work and much success to the developer team.

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you so much for your kindness! We hope that you enjoy it

  3. jimmy

    When you dropped LXDE, I lost interest in Peppermint.

    32 bit is nice, but not enough to tempt me back (from a once long time Peppermint fan – 7, 8, 10)

    1. grafiksinc

      We do get comments like that sometimes…it is interesting because P10 only has lxsession and LXAppearance left from LXDE everything else is xfce..
      lxsession is what handles the desktop, in P10,9,8,7 other wise xfce will not run in those versions LXAppearance was the theme changer…..would be interesting to know what exactly about that is missed so much. We wish you the best of luck though.

      1. grafiksinc

        Felix Ray – Absolutely you can, here is the Wiki you can follow:
        Do share with us how it goes would be interesting to see your build

  4. jimmy

    Well, TBH, I never got on with the XFCE desktop. But that’s not where my Pepp grief comes from.

    I know Pepp 8 (my fave) was a hybrid desktop — File Manager was Nemo, Window Manager Xfwm4, Session Manager LXSession, Panel Xfce4-Panel, Update Manager was Mint Update etc. It was all seamlessly blended together to make the old PeppermintOS. Peppermint 8 was seriously light and fast, even on an old 32 bit Pentium 4 (!)

    I feel you reinvented the wheel, when there was absolutely no need to… Good luck.

    1. grafiksinc

      No worries… thank you so much for the feedback… we do agree Pepp8 was a good one…. not too bad though for your points …. we are only missing LXSession and MintUpdate. everything else is still the same…. 32bit would have gone by the way side if we stayed with Ubuntu as they have dropped it. We would not say we reinvented the wheel but rather got control of it…Now days we can build and release at a pace the fits the team instead of a strict annual or bi-annual pace to keep up with Ubuntu.
      It leaves time for us to grow and implement new ideas, such as the Devuan based coming up in the next few months for non-systemD users. As well as a potential CLI ISO for those who really like to build from the ground up. Instead of focusing on one area or audience group we actually have been able to widen that, providing a wider choice of options….even still do swing back from time to time and check in on us….your time and feedback is always welcome to us…. Take Care

  5. Charon

    Thank you for the hard work. I use peppermint as my daily driver. Stable and reliable. And the many themes are super.

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks !… The community is what helps keep things going!….together we can do great things.

  6. Alexander

    This is awesome! Truly. Your work amazingly fits onto any occasion I happen to need the OS installed. What a bliss you are making it so right.
    I still use the 8th, 9th, and 10th release on some machines, so I can compare. The distribution is maturing own way despite having been base-migrated; stays attractive, fast and ever so comfortable, up to any task!

    1. grafiksinc

      Thanks! for your kind words we hope to keep it going!.

  7. Ken

    How is the switch to Devuan going to affect the Peppermint 11 users with the Debian base? Will we be required to reinstall?

    1. grafiksinc

      It will not affect you at all.
      We are not “Switching from Debian to Devuan” its just there will be a Devuan base as an option.
      We will always have both Debian and Devuan base ISO’s available.
      I hope this helps ease your concern.
      if you have more questions please let us know

  8. Guido

    Hello. I recently tried Peppermint OS 5-22-2022, but what I didn’t like, like many other users who tried it, was that it doesn’t come with these applications by default: A web browser, such as Firefox or Chromium, a file decompressor, such as Xarchiver, a text editor, such as MousePad, and an image viewer, such as Ristretto. If the next release, based on Devuan, would bring these applications by default, it would be much better for us, the PeppermintOS users, and it would save us a lot of time downloading these programs too. I understand that they have a different ideology than other distributions. For the rest, a very good GNU/Linux distribution. Very fast and very stable, and highly recommended for old computers, or with very low hardware resources. I greatly appreciate the entire team of PepOS developers for their work and all the effort and dedication they put into this distribution day by day.

    1. Guido

      And to add one more program to the list, it could be a multimedia player too, like VLC Media Player or Parole Media Player. That is all.

    2. grafiksinc

      Guido – Thank you so much for your feed-back and kind words….I would like to try and answer a few of your points…
      Starting with, out of the box we do provide the following:
      1. A text Editor – It is mousepad click menu/accessories/text editor … vim is also there as well its bit more of a learning curve though.
      2. As far as a decompressor – You do have Archive Manager click menu/accessories/Archive Manager – its a gnome tool that I think comes with nemo
      Aside from those things everything you mentioned is correct.
      We totally understand where a lot of your and other user points of views are.
      It is true Peppermint 10 and previous versions were highly focused on new user’s specifically and out of the box pre-configured features. With a minimum set of tools. But with the new Peppermint we want to create value for everyone not just new users.

      There is a Quote out there from Mark Greaves (previous project lead) -Everything you need & nothing you don’t-
      That can be interpreted as many things but the current generation of developers see that as
      A working system with the drivers, and basic tools that are not normally there in a vanilla Debian or Devuan install.
      Ideally, working sound, network capability, video compatibility. Generally those things would be working out of the box.
      We also provide things like the text editor, archive manager, update manager, Ad blocker, and general GUI Pep tools to get you started.

      Up to that point that is “Everything you need” in our vision….. from there it is your choice what you do.
      We should not decide for you what software we think you would use, only to have you use your time to uninstall it and install the software you prefer. Yes many people do use Firefox, and yes many people use Chromium but not everyone does. The value of choice is important and everyone should have that opportunity to decided what they need both new users and veteran users.

      So…. when you say having software preinstalled will save you time…. I think it depends on each scenario, is it more value add taking the time to build Peppermint with the exact software you choose, rather then forcing you to remove things that you don’t need. Only to have you install the software you prefer.

      It’s choice…. that is the value we want to bring to everyone…….the direction for Peppermint is providing choice on how you create your vision of Peppermint
      I hope that helps explain some of your points and why things are the way they are.
      If you are interested please visit us at our forums we would like to keep this discussion going with you as community is very important to us.

      Pep Forums

      1. Guido

        Hello, grafiksinc. I kindly appreciate the prompt response to my “concern”. Of course, we must not break that ideology that Mark Greaves left in you, the developers, and in us too. His response was very clear and concise, and he has made it clear to me where the new vision and the new project that PeppOS has is going. His words amazed me. Once again, I kindly and greatly appreciate his prompt response. Many successes to PeppOS, and of course, also to you, the developers of this magnificent GNU/Linux distribution.

  9. LoloyD

    Thank you, PeppermintOS development team. I just donated a very modest amount yesterday and it feels good to have somehow contributed to the maintenance cost. I really like the direction where you/we are going with the desktop purpose and use case. I prefer PeppermintOS over Linux Mint but I still have both on most of my machines so that I can get around with compatibility issues as it comes up (some printers, wireless mice, extra wifi on USB, USB dongles, etc.). I wish you more power, safety and grace for the development and maintenance ahead.

    1. grafiksinc

      Thank you so much for the kind words and the donation. The adventure from Ubuntu to Debian/Devuan has been a wild one. Ita strong community the helps push things forward..

  10. Shresth

    Thanks to all devs for their hard work really appreciate it a lot. GREAT DISTRO !!!

    1. grafiksinc

      Shresth – thank you so much for your kinds words. :)

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