Get Social: Keep up with Peppermint

Google+, Facebook and TwitterGood morning Peppermint Nation from the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina. Do you know what time it is? It’s time for your team of developers at Peppermint to turn their attention toward getting prepared for the next iteration of our lightweight and powerful operating system: Peppermint Three. Things are buzzing over here and we want to make sure that you keep in the mix and the best way to hear and be heard is to keep up with Peppermint over our social network channels.


Make sure you follow us on the official Peppermint Twitter feed and feel free to drop us a line any time @PeppermintOS


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That’s right, Google+ has opened up Pages for businesses and brands and Team Peppermint is there as well. Make sure to add +Peppermint to your Circle of choice and let us know what’s on your mind.

We want to thank the entire community for being so supportive over the past year and a half. We really take to heart every email, Facebook post, Twitter reply, and Google+ suggestion that we receive from around the world. We know how to use Google Translate here at Peppermint so don’t be afraid to send your suggestions in any language like others do every day here at the headquarters.

Be social and make sure to add Peppermint into the mix. We love hearing from you all

Kendall, Shane and Team Peppermint