Say no to SOPA. Vote with your Wallet.

In a move to properly align with companies who do not support SOPA, Protect-IP and other business practices, team Peppermint has made a collective decision to remove all of our domains away from GoDaddy and on to
Peppermint votes with its wallet, which is partially funded by donations and merchandise purchases from within the user base and community. Knowingly spending these funds for services with companies that we do not agree are doing more for the greater good of humankind or the planet Earth would be in error.

You can do more to effect change and join the forces to block SOPA and Protect-IP from being signed.  In the USA you can visit Sopa Opera and see who in the US government in your state are supporting these two initiatives and let them know that you oppose these moves.

Some may say that moving our domains from GoDaddy is too little too late or that this move is in vain. However, we are here to tell you that every Dollar counts and that no matter what the cause, voting with your wallet is a very powerful way of effecting change.  Here at Peppermint HQ we refuse to be led around blindly and will consciously spend our funds and energy with companies and services that put the interest of the people and the Earth first.  We urge you to do the same, examine where your money is spent, who you are spending it with and evaluate how to change those habits.

If anyone in our community sees more ways that we can be more effective in this cause, or any cause,  please let us know.

Cheers to all,

Kendall, Shane and Team Peppermint