Peppermint 9 Released.

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Team Peppermint are pleased to announce Peppermint 9, the latest iteration of our operating system. Based on the 18.04 LTS (long term support) code base, Peppermint 9 still comes in both 64bit and 32bit flavors so older hardware is still supported. We hope you enjoy using it half as much as we did putting it together.

Peppermint 9 highlights:-
    • We have replaced lxrandr with xfce4-display-setttings for monitor settings as we continue to look for better options that add functionality without adding weight, and to continue the migration away from the few remaining LXDE components.
    • By user request the Menulibre menu editor is now installed by default, and no longer breaks the menus as it did in previous Peppermint versions.
    • Continuing the theme of improved menu and launchere management, there is now a right-click “Create new launcher here” desktop context menu item.
    • The Nemo file manager now has a right-click “Send by email” context menu item. (requires an email client such as Thunderbird to be installed).
    • The Panel Reset function in the Peppermint Settings Panel no longer needs to log you out of your session to reset the panel
    • The Xfce Panel Switch utility is now installed by default, so you can now backup/restore any custom panel configurations and switch between them. It includes a Peppermint-9 default profile and a few others to play with.
    • The system Notification Settings (in the settings panel) now has a “Do Not Disturb” function, or notifications can be enabled/disabled on a per application basis.
    • Qt applications such as VLC now honor the system Gtk theme.
    • Gtk overlay scrollbars are now enabled by default, they’re growing on us ;)
    • Peppermint 9 now has both our normal Mintinstall software manager and Gnome Software for users that want Snaps/Flatpaks .. at its usual ‘Favorites’ position, You’ll find Gnome Software at:-
      Menu > System > Software
    • HTOP is installed out of the box and has its own menu item.
    • The graphical screenshot utility has switched from pyshot to xfce4-screenshooter.
    • Symlinks are in place so any installed Snaps and Flatpaks will now show up in the main menu.
    • There is a new “find your mouse cursor” keyboard shortcut (Alt+C)
    • The Chromium web browser has been replaced Firefox again (who knows, one day we might make our minds up) ;)
    • New Gtk Themes, based on Arc but with a few tweaks and some additional color choices, including the red default.
    • Awesome new Artwork courtesy of Karl Schneider .. many thanks Karl.
    • New Microsoft Office Online SSB’s .. Even though these are simply links to the free online ‘web app’ version of Office, we are fully aware some people won’t like anything containing the word ‘Microsoft’ on their system, so please be aware they are easily removed from within the ICE application with just a couple of mouse clicks.
    • New Skye Web Client SSB. This is mainly for 32bit users because Microsoft no longer create a 32bit native skype client for Linux. So if you’re running 32bit Peppermint and require Skype, this is the only way to access it.
    • ICE now has a few international translations (and will gain more over time via updates), it has also been fixed to remove the ‘half’ green lock symbol that displayed when on SSL sites.
    • The Kernel is now the 4.15 series (4.15.0-23 on the ISO)
    • The Nemo file manager is now verion 3.6.5
    • We’re now back at with the upstream Ubuntu version of Gdebi which has the uninstall option (the previous version did not).
    • And Peppermint 9 is now the 18.04 LTS code base, so has access to all the latest software.

As with previous releases we invite you to compare Peppermint to other operating systems, we are confident you will be impressed. To take the Peppermint 9 out for a test drive, please visit our website at where you can download it for free. If you need help installing the Peppermint 9, or have any questions about using it, we have a second-to-none user support team at please drop in even if only for a chat with friendly like-minded people .. hope to see you there.

About Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is a software company, originally based in Asheville, North Carolina but now operating out of Cornwall England. Founded in 2010, we are committed to building the best operating system for both enterprise and consumers available on the widest range of devices. To find out more about us, please visit

36 Responses

  1. Excellent news. Peppermint has always provided excellent out of the box experience; and with the new default choices, things are going to be even better.

  2. how to upgrade to peppermint os 9.0 from 8.0?? cant figure it out.

    • Mark Greaves

      Sorry jabir, but Peppermint 9 requires a fresh installation. That said, Peppermint 8 is still fully supported so there’s no rush, reinstall only when you’re good and ready :)

      • enthusiastic

        and Peppermint 10, 11, 12, etc. as well will requires fresh installation?

        • Mark Greaves

          Quite possibly enthusiastic…

          Theoretically we could do a do-dist-upgrade script, but it would require us modifying config files in the users home directory .. we decided long ago modifying anything in there is ‘off limits’ because of the risk of undoing user applied customisations.

          It is a sad fact that even with the best of intentions and the solidest of technologies, occasionally do-dist-upgrade’s go wrong, and they often don’t encourage a strong “backup first” ethos/culture. I mean think of this situation – A user has full disk encryption and hasn’t stored his encryption key somewhere safe, he also hasn’t backed up because he trusts the do-dist-upgrade script .. and the upgrade fails. He may well have just permanently lost access to everything on his system, and we would be in the sad position of not being able to offer any kind of useful support.

          We’d MUCH rather people moan at us for not having an easy upgrade path than moan at us because they just lost all their data ;)
          (not because we’re afraid of being moaned at, but because we’d rather they not have lost their data in the first place).

          We’re fully aware that some may view this as a ‘cop out’ and that’s fine, in a lot of ways they’d be correct in that view ;)

          • enthusiastic

            thx, so, the main reason for fixed releases is security. all rolling release distro unsafe? (do I understand well?)

  3. penguinforsupper

    Exciting news. I urge people to try out this most useful and thoughtful OS. The Peppermint team does all the heavy lifting. You get to enjoy their efforts without pulling hair out.

    • Mark Greaves

      Cheers for the kind words penguinforsupper, you do us proud :)

  4. clatterfordslim

    Thank you guys, for the much dedicated hard work you put into your OS. I have a few questions starting with, was the move to 18.04 harder to get going, than 16.04? X player is not available at all in 18.04, do you know when it will be available, as much as I love VLC I love simple Media Players and X player does it all. I can probably answer this as Linux Mint 19 is in Beta still, so probably after they release Mint properly? I love Peppermint OS, you guys deserve a massive pat on the back and no doubt rest, for making such a fantastic OS. I didn’t think you could top Peppermint 8, but you guys and gals keep surprising us users with something new and exciting to use. Thank you all.

    • Mark Greaves

      Hi clatterfordslim, thanks for the kind words mate. Xplayer 1.8.2 is in the repos now ;)
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt install xplayer xplayer-plugins xplayer-plugins-extra

  5. Carlos S

    Long life for the great Peppermint :)

  6. containscaffeine

    I really liked your implementation of the screenshot utility in peppermint os 7 and 8 (My one and only OS on my HP Notebook). That allows me to take a quick screenshot anytime. Now, I have not tried peppermint os 9 yet but in various other distros where the xfce4-screenshooter is used (like Manjaro Xfce, MX Linux to name a few), when I press the Prt Scr button, the screenshot dialog box appears and then I can take the screenshot. This is counter intuitive for me. Most of the times I want to take a very quick screenshot where even loosing a mili sec changes the screenshot. Please revert back to the previous screenshot utility.
    In addition, just for comparison sake with the proprietary os, I like the Greenshot app, but it is not available for Linux even though it is open source. This app freezes the screen while taking a screenshot. Any chance of implementing this functionality in peppermint os?

    • Mark Greaves

      Pressing the PrtSc key in Peppermint 9 behaves exactly the same as it did in Peppermint 7 and 8 .. it just immediately takes a screenshot and dumps it on your desktop, and Ctrl+PrtSc does the same for just the active window (neither open the screenshot utility first), rest assured we’ve not changed that :)

  7. i just installed it and love it, very responsive. but for some reason libreoffice crashes when i try to launch it?

  8. Hi Peppermint team! Just wanted to thank you for the awesome o.s you’ve put together, I have tried many Linux Distros over the years, and Peppermint 8 has been probably my favourite one and the one I´ve been using the longest. It is rock solid, has never crushed, works flawlessly, it’s amazing, boots in less than 30 sec … I am truly in love with this o.s, soon I’ll try out ver. 9. Thank you team for the fantastic work you do! Keep it up!

    • Mark Greaves

      Hi Joe, messages like this are our inspiration so thank YOU :)

  9. Neckyrul

    Thank you very much.Just installed it.It is the best.
    Again thank you so very much.

    • Mark Greaves

      You’re most welcome Neckyrul, thanks for the feedback :)

  10. Any plan to make a universe available kernal distribution utilizing the kernel modifications made by the GalliumOS group and/or Peppermint staff’s own custom kernel development (pain in the ass and WHY not fork and beyond off GalliumOS project’s fantastic and indepth work covering almost every single Chromebook device and bug troubleshoot support within each niche–very neat).

    I have to always use my mouse + leafpad doc with all the commands I need + copy&paste + terminal =
    Use of the galliumos 4.9~ kernel mod for my current (ly used decide for this post) and Acer Chromebook to enable my abilities (in full without any loss of hardware function, audio, wifi, keyboard etc ALL functional) to the fullest when cross-impremented alongside the great work of your distro flavor’s smooth low resource highly effective and productive ubuntu flavor.

    Just a thought :) it would drive a MASSIVE (much much larger than I had thought when I was orginally just eff’ing around with my son’s device here–) of Chromebook devices user base TOWARDS Peppermint (*OS8! not 9 yet) to the already semi-viable for Peppermint OS joining the two with Chromebooks basically out-of-the-box plug-and-play ready as well.

    Give it a thought! (I am sure you have before and wondered if the niche was covered and well-maintened enough with the galliumos team… and not to speak out of school or anything because I am truly indebted to their dev team for the hardwork they have done on getting a smooth pNp Linux ubuntu based system easily accessible and manageable to install for Chromebook users of all levels of expertise.

    *9 is NOT working at all with any Kernel I jam down it’s throat… looks to be a systemd xinit light-display management locker etcetc issue. I will debug it later tonight after work.

    • Mark Greaves

      I’m afraid nobody on the team currently has a Chromebook, so we’d have no way of testing such a build .. if that changes, maybe.

  11. Peppermint 8 is on my (old) Acer 5517 laptop. The 8 LiveCD worked with the Broadcom card with no tweaking. I tried the Peppermint 9 LiveCD and there is not even an “Enable Wi-Fi” option (that I could see). My (even older) desktop has Peppermint 5 and a USB wi-fi adapter (looks like a little antenna) works just fine with it.

  12. Gordon Sage

    Love the new release! One issue though. I want to use this distro on my old laptop.It does not support usb boot and only has a cd drive making it difficult to install. I need a 700 mb iso for installation. I am currently running lubuntu 32 bit and used a net install iso. Would it be too difficult to do likewise with Peppermint to support older hardware like mine?

  13. Thank everyone for new version of peppermint:) I just install it from version 8 and it’s splendid. It’s so fantastic and works excellent on recent kernel. Great job to everyone. Oh and to the question above I use multi writer from gnome repository to create usb live boot of peppermint 9 and I can confirm it work perfectly so I guess Gordon Sage used wrong program to create one.
    Ones again many thanks for team that made that fantastic os. I said to myself that finally I found ideal operation system and definetly it’s Peppermint.

  14. Ydejart

    I don’t usually write reviews, but I have to give the Pep team two huge thumbs up! I have tried a lot of Distros (as I’m sure many Linux users have) and have never had one that delivers everything I want, other than Peppermint. Works FLAWLESS! Minimal, beautiful, and just plain works.

    Thank you again, Pep team. You guys have made someone (and a lot of others) very happy.

    • Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much Ydejart, messages like this make the effort worthwhile and the team very proud :)

  15. darkmega.bin

    Great Release! i do have a question though? is it possible to replace the default LXDE with XFCE? while i do appreciate having an LXDE with some XFCE stuff, could it be an option to Completely replace LXDE with XFCE?

    • Mark Greaves

      Whilst it certainly would be possible, I couldn’t comment on how “easy” this would be. But if you want the full Xfce without the benefits of a lighter session manager, wouldn’t it be easier to just start with Xubuntu ?

  16. Hello, after some searches for a linux distro for integration to my Web Design Flow, I have chosen peppermint 8 instead of ubuntu, linuxmint, fedora, etc.

    • Mark Greaves

      Happy to hear it Jose, if we beat those giants we must be doing something right :)

  17. Have been expecting version 9 – glad to see it is here.

    Mark – has taken 6 years to find/thank you!! On my very first Linux install – Peppermint 3 – you responded to an SOS, showing me how add proper drivers for E-mu 1820M audio system. Have worked exclusively with Linux since. [Your reply also mentioned you lived in Cornwall, and it was the middle of the night for you.] Again – thank you.

    • Mark Greaves

      Hi POPPIE, you’re always welcome my friend, great to know I helped in a small way to smooth your Linux journey :)

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