Peppermint 8 Respin-2 Released


Team Peppermint are pleased to announce the latest iteration of our operating system ISO images Peppermint 8 Respin-2. This is a security refresh of the Peppermint 8 ISO images to include all updates to date (as of 3rd Feb 2018), including the Meltdown and Spectre mitigations such as the new HWE kernel 4.13.0-32 and the latest Chromium web browser version 64. The new ISO also contains bug fixes for flash content in ICE SSB’s, and Chromium not remembering user selected xdg-open preferences for magnet and mailto links..
There is no need for Peppermint 8 or Peppermint 8 (first) Respin users to reinstall this version, the mitigations and bug fixes have already been pushed as automatic updates to the earlier Peppermint 8 versions.

Peppermint 8 Respin-2 is still available in 32bit and 64bit versions with the 64bit version having full UEFI and Secureboot support.

Peppermint 8 Respin-2 (Peppermint-8-20180203) changes:-
    • All updates as of 3rd February 2018 are included in the ISO image.
    • The ISO now comes with the Meltdown/Spectre mitigated 4.13.0-32 HWE kernel ‘out of the box’.
    • The ISO now comes with the Meltdown/Spectre mitigated Chromium web browser version 64.
    • Fixed a bug that was stopping flash content playing in SSB’s due to the option to ‘always allow flash’ being removed in recent versions of Chromium/Chrome.
    • Fixed a bug where when a user chose to tell xdg-open to remember which application to use for magnet and mailto links in Chromium, the settings were lost when the browser was restarted.

All other changes remain the same as those for the original Peppermint 8 Respin, which can be seen here:

Please also see the Release Notes which also remain the same for Peppermint 8 Respin-2

As with previous releases we invite you to compare Peppermint to other operating systems, we are confident you will be impressed. To take the Peppermint 8 out for a test drive, please visit our website at where you can download it for free. If you need help installing the Peppermint 8, or have any questions about using it, we have a second-to-none user support team at please drop in even if only for a chat with friendly like-minded people .. hope to see you there.

About Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is a software company, originally based in Asheville, North Carolina but now operating out of Cornwall England. Founded in 2010, we are committed to building the best operating system for both enterprise and consumers available on the widest range of devices. To find out more about us, please visit

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  1. Richard galin

    Por lejos es el mejor sistema operativo que he probado rapido y seguro como ningun otro

    1. Mark Greaves

      Many thanks Richard galin, happy to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint :)

  2. Roy Hill

    This is a pretty cool distro that I started out with after I found an old version on some boot utility collection. It is nice especially with the new redone pastel colored icons in the respin.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Good to hear you found Peppermint Roy, even better that you’re enjoying it :)

  3. Alan Weeks

    Don’t go with the Windows 10 update from 7! Instead go with Peppermint!

    Mark Greaves and friends will help you out with one of the best going Linux distributions! Many issues that you would pay for support with Microsoft are freely answered with Peppermint’s support.

  4. Fernando Castro Lopes

    I’ve been using 2 Linux OS: Peppermint 8 (since version 7 release)on an old Desktop PC and Q4OS 3.1 Dev on an old Laptop. For me Peppermint 8 is the best and fastest Ubuntu based OS distro, with low usage ram and resources. Absolutly, It is maybe the best, with the option of freely apps installating, and besides that is beautiful, with a very responsive sort of Whiskermenu and quick programs open – faster than the majority. I don’t think is Lubuntu based (as read in many sites): it is much better than lone LXDE and lone XFCE; it’s a kind of hybrid more efficient than both of those desktops.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Fernando and thanks for the feedback. It’s human nature to pigeonhole things, are we LXDE/Xfce/Mint/Ubuntu/Lubuntu, etc. ?
      The corrct answer is “all of the above”, Peppermint decided there is no perfect distro or desktop environment that holds all the cards, we also decided that the modularity of Linux and the freedoms afforded by open source licensing were specifically intended to allow others to stand on the shoulders of giants rather than have to keep reinventing the wheel. We try to take the best components from wherever they come from and amalgamate them into something (dare I say) special and unique. After all isn’t this the basis and spirit of open source ?
      We do however find ourselves having to answer the “what are you based on ?” questions repeatedly, so for the base distro as we start with Lubuntu then trim it back to basics and rebuild, we say we’re Lubuntu based .. for the DE question, we decided that we’ll call this on the “session manager” which is currently lxsession from LXDE. But if you take Peppermint as a whole, the best explanation would be “Peppermint stands on the shoulders of giants, integrating many other projects but doing our own thing” as do all distros if you think about it .. great to hear you’re enjoying it :)

      1. Mike

        I truly agree with what you said Mark. Peppermint OS is truly a unique combination of the best and useful features from all of the above. I’m enjoying Peppermint OS since version 7. Keep up the good work guys ;-)

        1. Mark Greaves

          Thanks Mike, there’ll be a new one to play with soon :)

  5. Johan B.

    On the Pep for half a year now and still a joy to use. It’s quick, stable and looks good too. Keep up the good work all involved in making this distro.

  6. spidermoy

    I really like this OS: fast, solid and elegant. Thank you and hello from México!!!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Great to hear spidermoy, thanks for the compliments and hello right back from rainy Britain :)

  7. Sourav

    Can i get night light setting in this os? Recently i am using it, awesome os ,

    1. Mark Greaves

      Sure, try installing gtk-redshift and see if that does what you want :)

      1. Diego Romano

        I tried installing F.lux but it doesn’t work, gtk-redshift is the solution! :D

        1. Mark Greaves

          Yeah if I remember correctly I also had problems with F.lux .. can’t remember if I ever solved it though .. maybe someone on the forum could help if you prefer it to Redshift.

  8. Chris

    I tried many distros, and now I decided to install Peppermint OS on two of my desktops. It’s beautiful and incredibily fast.
    Thank you.

    1. Mark Greaves

      You’re most welcome Chris, thanks for taking the time to let us know you’re enjoying Peppermint on your desktops, it’s always encouraging for the team to hear stories like this :)

  9. Carsten

    Will Peppermint be based on LXQt in the future?

    1. Mark Greaves

      We currently have no plans for going LXQt, but everything is still being evaluated so we can’t say “never” either. Sorry Carsten but that’s the best we can offer at present.

  10. penguineater

    Congrats on another topnotch release. The early Mint install was close to end-of-life on my desktop. It had done an admirable job. I tried a couple of the newest Mint flavours and Xbuntu but there were too many hiccups and annoyances. Have these regressed in recent years? I had sound, dual monitors, and file manager problems for starters and there were more.
    Peppermint is now the governing OS along with several Virtualbox peppermints.
    One has to try the others to really appreciate Peppermint and it’s meticulous attention to detail. I’m not saying there were no issues but nothing like the others.
    Great job and much appreciated. Post a litecoin or bch address and I’m donating.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much penguineater for the glowing testimonial and sentiments :) .. we’re looking into whether it’d be feasible to accept donations via BCH currently, so you never know :)

  11. Stephen Landser

    ok, I want to like Peppermint however I keep running into issues that turn me away, currently .mkv playback via VLC is horrible. I have tried it on two or three differnt rigs and the playback is just not good.

    1. Mark Greaves

      There are other media players available, but what you’re describing sounds more like a VLC setting (possibly the selected video output module). You’d receive better and faster support for issues like this on the support forum:
      hope to see you there.

    2. Gonzalo

      Try the mpv player, I use it and I’m doing very well.

  12. Gepetto

    A Peppermint OS (100% similar with the desktop edition, in terms of Ubuntu base, graphical interface and functionality) running on Raspberry Pi 3 would be great. Is there any way for creating such a version for the devices equiped with ARM processors?

    1. Mark Greaves

      I’m afraid not Gepetto, we considered doing an ARM port for the RasPi but didn’t have the hardware for testing, the Pi Foundation don’t lend out hardware for development, and when we posted on G+ asking if there was enough ‘call’ for a Peppermint Pi port we got back a resounding silence so decided it was probably not worth the investment :(

      If that changes we’d be happy to revisit the idea though .. so never say never ;)

  13. Juan Romero

    Installed in a Dell Inspiron 1525 with 4 gigs of ram, the computer seems new, very good performance and gave new meaning to the computer, the quality and dedication of the operating system is remarkable in every detail. i moved from other Linux Os to peppermint with no regret.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much Juan, good to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint, and your Inspiron is flying again :)

  14. anjan

    Hello, greetings from Bangladesh. Just installed peppermint 8 on my lenovo laptop, it looks and feels good. Specially for the memo. I need extra pan offenly, so p8 satisfied my desire. Thank you all. I am facing two issue which I failed to solve. 1. How to move windows button from right to left. 2. Desktop icons doesn’t showing their names. I searched peppermint forum with several keyword, but failed to get exact solution. Thank you p team for your hard work and charming Linux desktop.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi anjan, can you please raise these issues on the support forum, where we’ll be more than happy to assist .. Sorry but unlike the forum, this website isn’t really geared towards or monitored for support questions.

  15. Diego Romano

    I’m brutally impressed of this Distro, I have an Asus Laptop with a Dual Core Celeron 1.10 Ghz and it goes extremely fast, keep up the good work guys, you are ****ing awesome, made my life easier after installing Peppermint, thank you guys! <3

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much for the encouraging words Diego :)

  16. fxfortin

    Hi I have 2 desktops and one laptop that I converted to linux one with peppermint 8 and the others with other versions.
    I find the pep version much more stable and convenient than the other 2.
    I did modify it (pep) to incorporate the cinamon environnment which suits my needs and wishes very well.
    Dont ask how I did it, it was pure trial and error as I am a novice as far as linux is concerned.
    I would like to clone this configuration and install it on my other 2 computers but I am a bit lost as to how to do it.
    Any suggestions?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi fxfortin, unfortunately this website isn’t monitored for or set up for technical support .. please raise this question on our support forum where it’ll get the attention it deserves .. TIA :)

  17. mirome

    felicidades por este sistema operativo, es mi salvacion en un portatil, no lo tengo instalado, inicio de cero en cada encendido, y salvo que se bloquee por exceso de ventanas abiertas , supongo mas debido a la capacidad de almacenaje temporal, me funciona perfecto. felicidades,

    1. Mark Greaves

      Muchas gracias mirome, es genial escuchar que Peppermint ha devuelto la vida a tu laptop. Lo siento por Google Translate :)

  18. Nick

    Just discovered Peppermint at the weekend (I use linux for my Server and running Windows VMs on for dev work). I’ve installed it on an old Laptop – and it runs like a dream.
    Really fast, nice look and excellent integration of google calendar etc.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Great to hear you’re enjoying Peppermint Nick, and thanks for the kind words of encouragement :)

  19. NiGHTLY

    hey, i just found this OS recently, have been using it in both my desktop and laptop for a while now, and i’m enjoying it so far. a question though: Will the Software Manager be Updated to the Mint’s 18.3 Version on the next respin?

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks for the kind words NiGHTLY, the next release will be Peppermint 9 but I can’t tell you which software manager we’ll be using without having you sign an official secrets NDA, or binding and gagging you for the next few months :)

  20. Jacques Kyril

    Dear Mark;
    This is a lovely OS, but just like in any other “xenial” derivatives, this has an annoying “WiFi” bug. That is to say; wifi networks do not appear at all and you only see the “up & down arrow” for wired connections, or your wifi drops all of a sudden. It doesn’t get corrected until you type “sudo service network-manager restart”, but it is really annoying to do this all the time. I haven’t been able to found a concrete solution for this.
    And for WICD, it does not respect the DNS settings you specify.
    Respectfully Yours.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Jacques, can you raise this on the support forum please, this website is neither monitored for, or equipped to deal with, support queries. If you post the issue on the support forum we’ll try our best to help find a solution.

  21. sorath

    Those this have uefi and secure boot like peppermint 6 respin?

    1. Mark Greaves

      It does :) .. All future 64bit versions of Peppermint will support UEFI and Secureboot :)

  22. John Obliskey

    I have tried many different flavors over the last 5 to 6 years. I have settled on this distro because of it’s ease of use and flexibility. I really enjoy the hybrid desktop and also the ICE app/web page creation function.
    Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing

    1. Mark Greaves

      We most certainly will John, thanks for the complimentary feedback :)

  23. mike H

    Hi Mark,
    I am a 65 year old technophobe with an old samsung N150 netbook which used to run on windows 7 starter. As you can guess it had become redundant until I found your Peppermint 8, which I installed on this netbook. It is absolutely wonderfull! Thank you so much for this brilliant distro and for bringing my netbook back to life.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Mike, you’re more than welcome my friend. We love to receive feedback like this, makes it all worthwhile .. so thank YOU :)

  24. Simme

    Hi from Sweden! I love peppermint os, looks nice and works great. I have two questions, 1: Will peppermint ever have nice calendar integration, like gnome has? And 2: When will peppermint os 9 release? :)
    Thanks for a great distro!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Simme, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “integration” ?
      Peppermint 9 will likely be released sometime in late May or June .. we don’t release to a schedule, only when it’s deemed ‘ready’ :)

  25. claudio

    Beautifull, easy and very fast; I try a dozen of distro now, and have now a ten yaers old Acer that boot in 15 sec. Thank you very much endeed to you all
    Firenze, Italy

    1. Mark Greaves

      Thanks very much for the kind words Claudio :)

  26. Joel

    Love Peppermint.
    Works great and fast on my old macbook.
    However there is a issue when installing on that same macbook (late 2007 model – 64bit). It fails to install the Grub and aborts the installation.
    I had previously linux mint installed and did a full hdd format before installing but no luck either live or installing.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Joel, have you asked on our support forum ? .. maybe there’ll be someone on there with experience of installing to a Macbook.

  27. molop

    Hello. I’m from Poland and I find the one of greatest linux in the world. It’s super fast on my old laptop. Any other distro I tried just crash so I’m really happy of this one. One of the most beautiful distro I tried. I just have one question. My current peppermint work on linux kernel version 4.13.0-41. There’s newer version 4.15.0-20 it it stable?

    1. Mark Greaves

      Our advice would be to stick to the default kernel .. then you’ll receive automatic security updates.

  28. molop

    Hi Mark. Thanks for quick answer. Of course i do that. I was just curious that’s why i asked. I don’t want to risk :) I have a really bad experience with newer and not tested kernel . I also want to thank for team that make peppermint for your hard work. Keep that up. I really pleased that this Os have a low required and don’t need much resources of ram and cpu. Works super fast on my really old laptop. Thank you all:)

    1. Mark Greaves

      You’re more than welcome molop, thanks for the kind words of encouragement, I’ll be sure to pass them on to the rest of the team :)

  29. Mahir

    Excellent Distro! I was getting quite frustrated with Windows, so I gave a shot at Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu. Both of them really didn’t work quite well with my computer since it’s pretty old. So for various reasons I switched to Peppermint, and I must say it works fast, flawlessly and doesn’t lag at all. Keep the excellent work, really loving Peppermint!

    1. Mark Greaves

      Great news Mahir. Terrific to see Peppermint is keeping your computer alive, and that you’re enjoying the experience. Thanks very much for taking the time to let us know :)

  30. Alan

    Mark, can i use remastrsys to saved my current copy of Peppermint to install to another user’s pc?

    1. Mark Greaves

      I can’t say I’ve tried Remastersys for years Alan, I do know Systemback still works for Peppermint 7/8. I gather Systemback is a dead project now, so I doubt if it’s going to be installable in Peppermint 9 when it’s released, but it still works for Peppermint 7 and 8, though you have to shoehorn it in via a PPA:
      does seem to suggest Remastersys can be made to work in 16.04 (and hence Peppermint 7/8) but as already suggested, I have no experience of it.
      Another option may be to use something like ‘dd’ from the command line, or the Clonezilla LiveCD/LiveUSB to simply clone your current drive to the others:

  31. Paul

    Awesome stable and fast OS for older PC hardware! Convinced my boss at work to switch to Linux due to the older hardware we are using and they absolute loved it!

    1. Mark Greaves

      That’s terrific news Paul, thanks for letting us know .. always good to hear a business is using Peppermint :)

  32. Barrie Wood

    I have used Peppermint OS as my daily driver since its release. Very few issues, rock solid, speedy on both newer and older hardware. As a Chrome OS user too, I like the integration of web apps via ICE – a distinctive feature that sets P/OS apart from the rest!

    With the latest LTS release from Canonical do we have any kind of release schedule for v9.0 and any new goodies that might be in it.

    Keep up the great work!

    Devon England

  33. Marcus Darcy

    where can I get a copy of Peppermint 8 32 bit? I tried the 9 version but a lot of the extras like pepperflash nonfree plug in still aren’t supported on it.

    1. Mark Greaves

      Hi Marcus,
      At the bottom of this page there should be a link called “Previous Versions” .. you should be able to download Peppermint 8 from there.
      Or here’s a direct link

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