Peppermint 9 Respin-2 Released

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Team Peppermint are pleased to announce the latest iteration of our operating system ISO images Peppermint 9 Respin-2 (20190102). This is a bug fix release of the original Peppermint 9 Respin ISO images  that fixes 3 issues discovered in the installation routine. There is no need for anyone who has already successfully installed the first Peppermint 9 Respin (20181222) to reinstall this version, this purely fixes bugs in the installation routine.

Peppermint 9 Respin-2 is still available in 32bit and 64bit versions with the 64bit version having full UEFI and Secureboot support.

Peppermint 9 Respin-2 (Peppermint-9-20190102) bug fixes:-
    • Fixed an issue where 64bit UEFI installs would fail to properly install the signed GRUB bootloader without an active internet connection.
    • Fixed missing Chinese / Japanese / Korean fonts in the installer.
    • Fixed the “OEM Install” option.

All other changes remain the same as those for the original Peppermint 9 Respin, which can be seen here:

Please also see the Release Notes which also remain the same for Peppermint 9 Respin-2

As with previous releases we invite you to compare Peppermint to other operating systems, we are confident you will be impressed. To take the Peppermint 9 Respin-2 out for a test drive, please visit our website at where you can download it for free. If you need help installing the Peppermint 9 Respin-2, or have any questions about using it, we have a second-to-none user support team at please drop in even if only for a chat with friendly like-minded people .. hope to see you there.

About Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is a software company, originally based in Asheville, North Carolina but now operating out of Cornwall England. Founded in 2010, we are committed to building the best operating system for both enterprise and consumers available on the widest range of devices. To find out more about us, please visit

13 Responses

  1. Le Thien Vi

    i love peppermint os

  2. Larry Dean Miller

    Thanks I love Peppermint O/S its what I recommend for new users your O/S and Linux Lite I believe are the two best Linux distros out there and I have tried many on real hardware I do not do virtual installs thanks again keep up the great work and happy new year!

    • Mark Greaves

      Always great to hear user feedback .. thanks for the kind words Larry :)

  3. gabriel tondeira

    I liked it. I’m getting sick of Windows 10 problems. Will format the PC and install Peppermint. I already dual booted and liked it!

    • Mark Greaves

      Thanks Gabriel, glad to hear you liked it enough to make it the main OS .. thanks for the feedback, it’s really appreciated :)

  4. Thomas Marchese

    since version 6,, ,,not a linux expert but like to tinker and get my hand “dirty” more now and then … this is the most user friendly and ,, trouble free Ubuntu derivatives !! very similar to Lubuntu , obviously , but this seems to add more “bells and whistles” ( but NOT bloat !! ) that just makes all run smooth , and the options to just have a basic speedy desktop ,, use the online programs , and even to dig deeper into linux, , this is great !

    • Mark Greaves

      Cheers for the glowing feedback Thomas, we’re happy to see you’re a long term supporter and are enjoying your Peppermint experience .. thanks for taking the time to get in touch, feedback is very important to us and a great team motivator :)

  5. Paul Stevens

    Ive been using Linux now for ten years plus i distro hop as do many other people for as my go to daily i use Peppermint since the early days as ever its always been stable and consistent another job well done by all the team it just works thanks again

  6. I just downloaded the Peppermint9 Respin 2, but I cannot locate a corresponding GPG file to test it against in the list. Not sure if I need it or not, but was just trying to confirm that I got a good download. I’ll try to install with the downloaded file and if I have issues, I’ll look for the GPG file again to verify my download.

    • Mark Greaves

      Hi Dan,
      The GPG signature file was available when you clicked the big red download button on the front page. But you are right, we’d forgot to add then to the list on the GPG Verification instructions page .. thanks for bringing this to our attention, the page is now fixed :)

  7. Tom Hohnhaus

    Does anyone know how to install Joplin Notes in Peppermint?
    It was easy to install in my, “play Linux,( Fedora 29)” but I cannot figure out how to install it in Peppermint 9, which is my, “work,” Linux

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