Complete Media Server Solution with Peppermint & Plex

Plex Media Server

Peppermint community member, Dan Strong from California alerted us to his success with Peppermint as a complete media server solution when used with Plex. With complete instructions and all the specs you need to get things rolling please see Dan’s blog where he lays out all the finer details.

A big thanks to Dan for taking the time to write this up and for sharing it with the community!


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  1. Diana

    I picked Plex to get some love in the media server desktop, but i didn’t expect it to be as overwhelming as it was. Its very sleek UI and easy to use..

  2. Chris Bunting

    I tried Plex, but for a conntected to TV media center, I prefer XMBC,

    For a non-connected solution, I prefer the Twonky Media Server for Linux! Having Twonky Server on an old gaming laptop lets me stream movies to our 50″ Smart Tv in the living room, but can also stream a second movie at the same time to the bedroom running a Roku 3 box on my home network!


  3. Dan Strong

    @Chris That is cool. I would like to check out Twonky. How light is it?

  4. Charlie

    I’ve had Plex + Peppermint 3 running for over a year now with excellent performance. Not only am I able to stream movies, home videos, etc. to my Roku players (yes, there’s a Plex App for Roku) in the house, I can stream to my smart phone just about anywhere I have a good 4G connection! I also share my Plex library with a few friends as well. For me, its a perfect solution for streaming my media. Using Peppermint is awesome for doing this too because its so darn light and fast!

  5. Dan Strong


    That is awesome! Plex is great and Peppermint runs it awesome. FYI: Plex has an Android app, but they are want $5 for it. As long as you enable DLNA, if you don’t want to pay the $5, you can download a free DLNA client and stream it to your phone or tablet or anything DLNA capable device. With Roku, you can download their Plex app or use one of the free media apps they offer. I downloaded media app for the Roku and it had DLNA and saw my media server and streamed with no issues. But I think it is better to use the Plex Roku app for streaming. It is like having your own Netflix.

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